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AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning

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Constant use of an air conditioner results into a buildup of dirt into it. This eventually reduces efficiency of the air conditioner. That is why it is highly recommended that you regularly clean its coils. The coils then lose their capability to either release or take up heat. So, how do you clean an AC evaporator coil? Well, you shouldn’t be worried about that anymore. The answer to that problem is here. At the same time, the best AC cleaning in Tamiami Florida is found here. Below is a simple guideline on how to clean an AC evaporator.


The very first step is to disconnect the air conditioner from power supply. This is because of obvious reasons; to avoid being electrocuted. The second thing to do is identify the type of air conditioner unit it is. This is an important step since diverse models come in many shapes, and sizes. This is for you to familiarize yourself with the unit and how it is operated. That is, you get to have a better knowledge of where to look at, and look for in the conditioner. Luckily, as much as they are different, most of the air conditioners have parts that are similar. The third step is where you do the detachment of the grill. Before you begin removing the grill, you should be putting on a pair of gloves. Now, you should locate the coils. Actually, there are two kinds of coils in an air conditioner. These are the condenser unit and the evaporator, where the latter is our main interest. Unlike the condenser coils, the evaporator coils are found on the exteriors of the housing. Actually, most of them are located near the fun. So, just look for the fun and begin with the unscrewing. After the unscrewing, the evaporator should be directly visible.

Actual Cleaning

After you have removed the evaporator unit coils, use a brush to remove excess dirt that had built up. When the excess dirt is satisfactorily removed, use an electric vacuum cleaner to vacuum away all the stain which had gathered. You are not done until you have employed the use of a water hose in cleaning any possible dirt present. Here, you will just use normal water during the cleaning process. Thorough the process, always be cautious with the enormity of pressure you use. This is because the coils might be bent when high water pressure is used.
You can use an aerosol can to ensure deeper spray injections into the coils. This will dislodge any kind of dirt between the coil fins, which would have remained stuck. Leave the aerosol for about 5 minutes. Then spray water so as to rinse it off. Again, be careful with the pressure you apply. Spray continuously until water begins to flow off from the cols. When you are satisfied that you have removed the dirt, straighten any coil that may have been bent. To do this, use a fine comb. Never forget to give the coils enough time to dry.

Oil Treatment

This is where you carry out the coil coating treatment. The importance of this step is to reduce future chances of dirt accumulating on the coils. Once you are done with this, reattach the evaporator coil back to the air conditioner.

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